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Strut Hanger Pros - America's Bracket Professionals

Strut Hanger Pros is your prefabrication partner delivering high quality brackets and hangers for your jobs right when you need them. Don't waste valuable construction time trying to fabricate your own brackets when we can deliver the exact brackets you need, built to your specification on your timeline. We specialize in bracket construction so you'll find the quality of our work is often superior to what you can build on your own. When you setup a delivery schedule with us you don't need to worry about warehousing materials. You get the brackets you need when you need them.


  • In house and full service We are your one stop shop for all prefabricated hangers, trapeze's, strut racks. We have 3 in house design engineers, and a full staff of builders, and shipping professionals to ensure your components arrive on time and in perfect condition.
  • 60+ years of experience With over 60 years of experience, we have established an unparalleled reputation due to our extensive industry knowledge and passion for hangers.
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